Friendly known as Sereno, he began practicing martial arts with judo at the age of 14, followed by capoeira. He graduated in Hapkido’s noble martial art in 1993, receiving the first Dan. He was a member of the board of the Paulista Federation of Hapkido and worked 12 years as a teacher, conducting exams and championships to publicize the organization. Today he is Grand Master 8th Dan of Hapkido and 5th Dan of Haedang Kumdo.

Founder of the Hapkido National League (NHL). This entity had administrative power to organize and publicize Hapkido in Brazil for being recognized by the Ministry of Sport. Organized 9 Paulista and Brazilian championships.

Founder and Technical Director of the National Association of Traditional Hapkido. He brought Grand Master Hwang In-Shik to Brazil, organizing a seminar for more than 60 people. He took Hapkido to Rede Record for interview and demonstration.

Founder President of the Brazilian Federation of Traditional Hapkido, now the International Federation of Traditional Hapkido, with branches in São Paulo (capital), Salto, Itú, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, Caçapava, Osasco, Carapicuíba, São Bernardo, Brasília, Cuiabá, Mogi Mirim and Portugal.


Know the Tradicional Hapkido Family and the Black Belts formed by the Federation