Who can practice hapkido?

Hapkido mulheres 800x343 - Who can practiceWho can practice Traditional Hapkido? Because Hapkido is focused on self-defense, this is a martial art that is appropriate for all people. It works with the whole body bringing many benefits. It fits all physical types. Biological and physiological differences are respected, as Hapkido can be practiced by everyone, including women, children and the elderly. Great for women for working with urban survival. An in-depth study combined with the constant training of this unique martial art by women confers a wide variety of logical techniques. Such techniques are very useful and can be used in a variety of situations..

Mainly through breathing activities, the elderly acquire more vitality. This is because they work their energy, greatly improving the liveliness. For children, beyond physical activity and self-defense, it is also focused on discipline and self-control. It gives child satisfaction to the desire of expansion. It also benefits from the possibility of acquiring elasticity, agility of movement, development of reflex speed, increase of precision, improvement of physical and psychic balance. Above all, the child learns to have more confidence in him/herself and to control aggression.hapkido kids 280x280 - Who can practice