military hapkido

Military Training

Hapkido militar 308x400 - Military HapkidoHapkido is a martial art appropriate for military training, hence also called Military Hapkido. It is complete in physical training, punching, kicking and also works intensively techniques with weapons. Its approach is solid in that the enemy has little chance of resistance on the battlefield.

The military Hapkido is suitable for police officers, security guards, civil guards or any professional in the area. We teach techniques of attacks and defenses with knives, fire guns, tonfa, bat (baton) and any object that can become a weapon.

In many situations of urban violence, specific skills are required that do not use weapons, even though police today carry more powerful and efficient fire guns than in the past. On certain occasions fire guns can not provide protection and there are cases that their use is not convenient. The enemy can attack the police officer from behind or quickly enter their faces, so close and very fast that the discharge of his/her weapon is impossible.

 Hapkido can help in developing enough skills to subdue an enemy with bare hands. Beat him/her efficiently to overwhelm him/her quickly without risking innocent lives. It is in this sense that we have the training of approach and conduction, directed towards this end. Hapkido is a martial art that provides the ability to neutralize enemies in a very practical way.

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