hapkido commandments

hapkido commandments 582x400 - Commandments

These are the commandments of Hapkido. By such commandments one can observe the true spirit of the training of this art. In addition to the training of body and mind, which must be in harmony, the hapkido practitioner must be founded on principles of citizenship and mutual respect.

One doesn’t practice a martial art just to keep its body in shape. Using energy in harmony with the body requires full mastery of the mind. Hapkido can become a philosophy of life for the practitioner. Aggressiveness becomes focus. Anxiety becomes patience. Anger becomes compassion and self-control.

Following the commandments of the Hapkido, the practitioner takes an ethical stance on life and daily practice of this martial art. With the necessary mastery, the determination becomes the seed for each step in the training.

What happens if the person follows the commandments of Hapkido?

Over time, one will acquire skills that the person did not know or did not have. Each obstacle is not a cause for giving up, but a persistence so it is bypassed. With this, the practitioner becomes stronger both externally and internally. The practitioner learns to dominate and mature him/herself. As well as putting into practice ethical values and helping others.

A challenge is to be overcome. Daily training and mastery of oneself are the challenges that are faced through concentration and perseverance. The basis is the values and calm that the Hapkido practitioner acquires over time.